How to Edit Instagram Photos Like A Pro! UPGRADE Your Instagram Look | BluTech

Смотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: How to Edit Instagram Photos Like A Pro! UPGRADE Your Instagram Look | BluTech

Полное описание видео: BluMaan Hair Products | — This is how I edit my instagram photos. Now you can too wow — Enter for a chance to some merch!

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  1. Sir Squeaks A Lot

    Can you please do a video on good winter hairstyles? There arent many videos out there on winter styles. I usually just find a bunch of videos for summer.

  2. Benjamin Garofano

    You guys should make a starter kit of all your products like a small sample of each thigh in one big box please respond

  3. Bálint Németh

    You should make it to a preset so you don't have to redo the work every time 🙂

  4. David Chen

    HDR isn't "creating a more balanced photo, having non-deep shadows or blown-out highlights " Joe. It's increasing/having a greater (or higher) dynamic range thus the number of stops such that there is a greater range between your blacks and whites.

  5. Anshumaan Saxena

    Amazing Joe ! As always you again nailed and revealed the magic of ur photos. Thanks buddy !

  6. Moaaz A.

    Dude why your aren't using tone curves it can give you a nice contrasty HDR effect in less time.????????

  7. Tawon Official

    This really helped me understand how to use Adobe Lightroom. I've been using this since learning it all day lol. on a fanpage on Instagram. And it's a big difference in how the photos looks now. Thanks!!!


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