High fade. Hard part. Men´s hairstyle inspiration

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Подробное описание видео: Hi my friends. We are back with a new hairtutorial. In this tutorial we show you how to get a high faded classic haircut . ▻ Haircut by …

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  1. Mirza Usman

    Hello Sir Kochi,Myself Usman Mirza I m from Pakistan, I am a big fan of you. I want you to suggest some hairstyle for boys who have a little bit big ears. I am too much confused about my hairstyle.Regards,USMAN

  2. saeeda khan

    This is like my thoughts are coming true..As i have always followed @slikhaartv @Byvilain videos ..since the very beginning ..And always been a fan of @Kochi ..And had a vision of them collabarating in future ..Which just happened ! ????Great combination of modern Hairstyling ! FUTURE LEGENDS ????????????????????????✌????

  3. Dhavalkumar Nana Patil

    Half of his hairs were done already before starting of the video..????????

  4. Cheesy Does It Cooking

    This is the guy that tells me he can hook me up with a table at the club i just have to bring 12 hot girls and no guys.

  5. Andy Bruno

    Me gusta el trabajo de kochi pero este tipo de corte no me gustó, no se ve elegante, en fin hay gente que para gustos y colores…

  6. Ahmadsiddiqi737 Ahmad

    Zbrdst .Excellent mnz zbrdst in Pakistani language urdu.Slut u .love from pakistan

  7. Lights Out

    When your barber starts your haircut by making the half of the left side of your head bald you have only one choice left: hoping he is good, and Kochi he is! 😀

  8. the great gamer

    Please upload some new long hairstyle video ^_^ :-(And i don't know what to say about this hairstyle:-(


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