Get Ready With Me! Skin, Makeup, Hair, & Outfit- Spring 2018

Смотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: Get Ready With Me! Skin, Makeup, Hair, & Outfit- Spring 2018

Полное описание видеоролика: hi im gabi demartino! ♡75% OFF PROMO CODE: GDBLACK ♡Radiance Spin-Care System: $23.75 ♡Desire …

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Fancy Vlogs By Gab

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  1. SabrinaAndKat

    When you say that girls deserve to be treated like a princess I totally agree girls are a really important part in the world and also lucky that there first for mostly anything ????????????

  2. MissGlam19

    The whole video is cute and blah blah blah but this is trying too hard. First of all nobody wakes up like they're fucking Snow White LMAO. Second of all he voice sounds so "I talk soft like Ariana Grande". The whole concept of pushing it to be girly af is cute don't get me wrong but sometimes she tries so hard =[

  3. ts123

    Can you do a super skin routine on how to clear skin and also what you eat/drink for skin???

  4. mypersonalworld

    hey gabi ! I know it's a late comment for this video but I just wanna mension that my sister had very damage hair but she got it "refresh" and really healthy by doing a mask once a week until her hair got better . for the mask , she mixted coconut oil with argan and castor oil put her hair in a cap and slept with it . In less than three month she got her hair healthy again! Welll that's it, I hope that you'll see this comment and that it would be helpful for you or someone else… Love you !

  5. Настя Руднева


  6. zoza

    SUMMER IS COMING DO A NEW GET READY WITH ME VIDEO PLEASE!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Bianca Rodriguez

    With all do respect gaby I am 12 years old but I could never go somewhere without my bed not done like if agree


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