Fringe Cut Hairstyle ★ Men’s hair trends 2017 ★ New Hair Fashion

Посмотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: Fringe Cut Hairstyle ★ Men’s hair trends 2017 ★ New Hair Fashion

Подробное описание видео: Men’s hair inspiration: In this tutorial we show you how to get the new popular FRINGE CUT — an upcoming new trend in men’s hair fashion 2017. ☆ Shop online!

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  1. Andrew Steel

    Spock, Jim Carey from dumb and dumber hair, moe from 3 stooges. This trend needs to die on the delivery table.

  2. Nando Music

    I got this hairstyle earlier this year and it's one of my favorites! I wear it with curly hair and the texture is twice as better. I usually have a hard time describing this cut to new barbers but the name and video will help, glad I came across this!

  3. Jacky

    idk if the comments disliking this hairstyle are because of this hairstyle wont look any good on them (I will look like a retard myself), personally i think u look as good in that hairstyle

  4. Johnny Wright

    Why does this cut get so much hate it's not even that bad like chill, I see comments like "fuck no" or "if this becomes popular I'm gonna kms"…….it's a haircut kid calm down

  5. thaimmigrant

    Do not understand why people are hating on this, if it suits the person it looks really good


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