3 Mens HAIRCUTS & 2 Easy HAIR Tutorials for Men 2018 (EP.3) | Mens Hair | BluMaan 2018

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Подробное описание видео: BluMaan Hair Products | https://blumaan.com — Let’s Keep it crackin! 5 MORE Awesome hairstyle Tutorials for men. — last episode: …

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  1. Kyle Gregorio

    Well my family members hate my medium lenght hair. They said that you cant have long hair, not for school or something. But ever since i took care of my hair it inspires me to wake up early go to school you know. But they dont understand that. They cannot support me in any way. HAIRLOVER4EVER

  2. pulse

    Can anyone give me tips, why my hair starts to bottom out when I try to do a comeover.

  3. eaterofgrayons

    At 8:22 there is literally 5 other people that look exactly like the barber wtf

  4. uh Drysh

    Do some 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C type. U just show haircuts for guys who have straight or wavy hair. We want some curls

  5. Matthew Sabatino

    I think Joe should go for the faded modern slick back undercut again. I thought that was the best cut he ever rocked imo.

  6. ZiFok

    BluMaan please do a video abour hairloss I'm 21 yo and Im starting to lose hair from the back of my haid it it feels sucks please I can't lose my hair what can I do

  7. Spartamay

    You should do a video where you give advice to random people asking for help on the Facebook discussion group

  8. Hydex

    Hey mate, i would really appreciate it if you could help me out, basically i have an oblong face, and i was looking for which haircut to go for, if you are able to include the dimensions as well that would be awesome, thnx in advance 😀

  9. Nana Martin

    Joe stop being a pussy and grow the hair out. Whole hair, not just the top. We have not seen long sides on you like… ever?

  10. Alexander Carlson Lee

    grow your sides out for a sidepart! we’ve never seen it from you come on man

  11. Chetan Karakasiya

    Love form india… Dude i love your videos….. Tysm for the information, keep hustling ????????????

  12. hassaan haroon

    Joe. Its a humble request. Im a fan of urs and i live in pakistan. I want ur products but it isnt available in my reigon as said by ur website. So if u can plz do something about this and also ship in pakistan. Thnx bro. U rock

  13. Zedliest

    Am i only one who have thick wavy hair and have problem with frizz ans dry hair and cant find any yt video about this hair type lol

  14. jayjay sebastian

    i have dry hair because of hair coloring . i dye my hair because of whitehair. i have super straight hair but its dry any recommendation

  15. minhtranthegoat

    Good content bro I love how you are showing not only your own hair on dis channel

  16. Vaibhav Singh

    Had you been trying the hairstyle in the third clip, what would you have done to make it more natural? Cuz I also deal with same issue

  17. paisa4410

    I'm new to really caring about styling my hair and I was just wondering to get an undercut would you recommend going to a salon or a barber?


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